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DSSC is a boutique Procurement, Supply Chain, and Business & channel development consulting firm to accelerate digital transformation. 

Our goal is to empower organizations to make a digital quantum leap through industry-cutting edge expertise, digital technologies, and market insight to promote and accelerate digital transformation. We have searched the Globe and have partnered with the leading digital solutions providers.

Our SCM practice aims to transform the procurement, supply chain process, and practice into more agile, transparent, integrated with the business (not acting in silos), and take a critical proactive approach to sustainable sourcing and diversity matters.

Our supply chain digital transformation offering provides digital transformation advisory. It deploys digital tools to digitalize all supply chain processes and mine the data using AI and analytics into business data to promote fact-based decision-making across the business while empowering Procurement and Supply chain professionals with best-practice knowledge and skills through our training academy offerings.

Our business and channel development practice aims to provide business and channel development advisory services to bring digital technologies providers to promote the digitalization of Africa and ignite economic activities while improving people’s lives. 

Our team has vast practical management experience gained in managing teams and processes of Nokia, IBM, Vodafone, Ericsson, and other leading blue-chip organizations. 

Our Solutions are informed by our experts’ real practical experience, customized to Customers’ unique business environment, delivered with speed and agility.

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Supply Chain Digital


Today’s Business Challenges

Manual process, not traceable, takes too-long compromising speed to market. 

No on-demand business reports available from one ‘single source of truth’.

No data insights and visibility to enable process improvement. 

No data visibility may lead to inaccurate reporting, which could also be a breeding ground for unethical behaviors.



Review, digitalization of supply chain process and system.

Define supply chain data & digital transformation strategy.

Deploy Digital Supply Chain tools

Turning Data Into Actionable Knowledge Insights

74% of companies want to be managed with data and knowledge, but only 29% say that analytics results become actions, according to Forester

Our Deliverables

Deployed SCM Digital Platform with the following process digitized: 

Source -to- Pay process, RFP process, 

RFP evaluation & Negotiation, 

Supplier Performance management, 

Contract Management, 

Spend Analytics and AI


Supply Chain Transformation

(Spend Category, Process, and Organisation)

Business Challenges

Outdated supply chain process, organization, and roles.

KPIs are not aligned with this digital era’s new ‘agile way.’ 

Most C-level executives view the supply chain as inefficient  ‘bottlenecks.’ 

Procurement, Supply Chain works in ‘silo’ not aligned or working against organization goals. 

No proactive approach to cost & spend management, no understanding of cost drivers.

No tracking of prices vs. cost drivers

Not taking advantage of available intelligent tools (ebidding, game theory) as a cost reduction aid

Our Solutions

Review and align process, roles, and operating models to the new agile work of working 

Revise and align governance model & stakeholders engagement to deliver maximum value and efficient

Develop and implement an overarching new Procurement Sourcing Strategy 

Develop and implement Category Strategies & roadmap with committed multi-year savings

Develop cost sheets per commodity using cost drivers.

Develop price curve & trends on historical prices

Our Deliverables

New Supply Chain process and policy aligned with the organization’s digital & data strategy. 

New Procurement and Supply Chain Target operating model, with new agile KPI and revised roles.

New overarching and integrated Procurement and supply chain strategy. 

New Governance and Stakeholder management model.

Executable three years of Category & Strategies with transformation implementation measures, timelines, and committed savings

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IT Sourcing

Advisory & Academy

Business Challenges

Compliance risk on Software and Licensing contracts

Financials risks and penalties associated with non-compliance to software and licensing contracts.

Complex, unclear licensing terms designed to confuse and trap the organization into license compliance violations. 

New, not well-understood cloud licensing terms.

Limited leverage by Procurement professionals due to lack of knowledge 

Our Solutions

Deep-dive review on current software and licensing contracts.

Identify risky contract clauses for renegotiation.

Conduct software & license audits.

Identify potential to maximize value on existing software and licensing agreements/Opportunities to reduce support, certify, move-to-cloud, retire evergreen software.

Our Deliverables

Licensing & software contract improvement review document for suppliers’ engagement.

Licensing & Software contracts negotiation guide 

Educated and empowered Category & IT Managers

Optimized Environment is matching demand with usage and future roadmap.

Supply Chain


Urgent Business Imperative

Race to net-zero carbon footprint.

Reducing energy and water use

Reducing CO2 emissions

Our Solutions

Formulate a five years SCM ESG strategy.

Define realistic but ambitious carbon footprint reduction.

Define team and governance.

Socialize the strategy (charter) for internal adoption and external adoption

Execute, monitor, and report to stakeholders (stock market if required)

Our Deliverables

Executable ESG framework/blueprint with  committed 3 (three) years targets

Sales and Channel Development

Digitalisation for Economic Growth and Improving people lives

Our Executives has been part of the mobile telephony industry from its infancy, been involved in the 1st Greenfield projects, that brought Mobile telephony in Nigeria, Cameroun, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Botswana, Eswatini and Zimbabwe. The advent of mobile telephony has made a positive irreversable impact on Sub-Saharan Africa Economies and improved peoples live.

At DSSC, we believe that the digital products and solutions can accelerate ecomonic growth, improve and save peoples live.

◉ DSSC, works with digital solutions providers that shares same vision of Africa Digitalisation as enabler for economic growth and improving peoples live.

Our Solutions

Market Entry Strategy and Assement to digital solutions provider entering Sub-Saharan Africa Market.

Channel Development Strategy and Implementation.

Sales and Business Development activation

DSSC’s digitalisation Priorities

Digitalization of process to promote transparency and service delivery agility. 

Financial Inclusion digital solutions.

Rural connectivity solutions.

Renewable Solutions, and ESG Management Solutions.

Education digital Platform.

Small and Medium Enterprises Trading Platform to connect buyers, sellers and facilitate online trade.

Security Solutions and Data Protection solutions.

mHealth Solutions


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